new grill, new food

July 22, 2007



last weekend i got a new grill (a weber genesis e-320 in bright blue) and so i’ve been putting it to heavy use lately… so far i’ve made beef and chicken kabobs, italian sausage, seasoned potato wedges, portabello mushrooms, and pork chops. as long as the weather holds up, i’m going to grill as much as possible — gotta get a whole summer out of this thing! the menu for tonight includes seasoned potato wedges (again), smoked sausage, corn-on-the-cob, and some asian-themed shrimp skewers. i’ll put the recipe up for the seasoned potato wedges (and probably some of the other stuff) as soon as i perfect it… last night’s dinner was the pork chops, which turned out quite well — good enough for a photo shoot at least… i just brushed them with EVOO and rubbed in a good amount of trader joe’s steak & chop grill & broil seasoning. then just toss them on the grill until they’re ready, making sure the inside temp is 170. as a side i whipped up some seasoned green beans which is one of my favorite quick dishes. here’s the recipe for those that are interested, and naturally for my own future reference:

seasoned green beans

ingredients: » green beans (washed) » EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) » garlic » kosher salt » black pepper

instructions: » pre-heat a pan to med-high, add a couple ounces of EVOO » add some freshly chopped garlic (or the stuff from the jar if that’s all you have) » before the garlic burns, add the green beans » keep the beans moving, so they get a light coating of oil and garlic » season with kosher salt and fresh pepper » you’re done when the beans are a little browned and still crispy