happy super tuesday 2008!

February 05, 2008



Barack Obama

well, i just got back from voting, and suffice to say obama just got one more in IL! here’s hoping the rest of the state (and country) feels the same way.

the process was pretty straightforward as usual, although this time around there was some confusion amongst the poll workers. one woman told me i needed my voter’s ID card, which isn’t true… since i didn’t have it, she tried to look up my name in her book, and i was nowhere to be found. turns out she was looking in the wrong precinct, so once that got sorted out i was all set. i was looking forward to using an electronic voting machine, but instead i had to do the old fill-in-the-black-line method. at least it was quick, and the machine read my marks successfully. thankfully there were no major issues as some areas had reported. the weather is starting to get worse now, though, and they’re forecasting 4-12 inches of snow in the city along with 20-30 mph winds, depending on the exact location.

so, just in case it gets brutal out there, go vote now! and, of course, vote for obama!