Goodbye Whistler

April 03, 2012



This past weekend, we lost an incredible member of our family: my parent’s retired Greyhound racing dog Whistler. He was certainly one of the most affectionate and lovable dogs that I’ve ever met, and he will truly be missed.

My parents adopted Whistler back in 2006, just after he had retired from racing. Back in his prime, Whistler was the real deal: he raced (as “Whistler’s Sound”) a total of 157 times and saw the Winner’s Circle after 30 of those runs. He also finished 2nd, 3rd, or 4th a whopping 66 times, which is pretty awesome… Sometimes when Whistler was sleeping, he would move his legs as if he was reliving those glory days in his dreams.

Whistler was always up for an impromptu photo shoot, too, whether on one of our cross-country trips or just while chilling in the backyard:


Goodbye, Whis… I am so sad to see you go — but I’m glad you finally caught that rabbit you’ve been chasing.