good to be back in the chi

July 27, 2005



wow. these last few weeks have been crazy-whirlwind ones, that’s for sure. but it starts and ends well, and the in-between was all good, too, so that’s all that matters…

it’s hard to believe that is has been almost 3 weeks since jeff and lisa got married (out in sheridan, wyoming of course) – congrats congrats congrats! the ceremony/reception/after-party, not to mention the whole weekend, was just awesome. honestly, things went off without any hitches, and how often does that happen to weddings at home?!?!?! so the congrats is for the act itself as well as for making it so special.
anyway, the wedding trip merged with a denver vacation for elena and me – since we were already flying through denver it just made sense to stay a couple of extra days. lots of good time spent “sightseeing” in lodo as well as just tooling around the metro area. when you can find a chevy cobalt at the airport car rental for only $22/day, you have to jump on it! i naturally kept stopping to snap pics, sometimes from the side of the offramp but mostly from safer locations… i promise.

vacation didn’t last long though, because the very next day after returning from denver i was on a plane to minneapolis. the fishnet office up there needed a visitation from yours truly, so i happily obliged. met the crew, got some training out of the way, and continued missing my tivo… i rolled back into town for the weekend, but again quickly turned around. this time, i was heading to kansas city for an application assessment engagement! whirlwind, like i said, and just the way i like it.

so now that i’m all wrapped up, i’m back at home, much to my (and my tivo’s) satisfaction. and if you’ve been wondering where the crap i’ve been the past few weeks, now you know.