December 18, 2004



on SNL tonight the tv funhouse was a spoof on rudolph, and i’m honestly still laughing… rudolph was doing his thing, yelling “merry christmas delaware! next stop virginia and north carolina!” but santa said “no rudolph, we’re skipping them this year! screw the red states, voting for that dumbass president just because of that moral values crap. i don’t want any part of them!” then he wipped out a map of the us, which had the blue states labled “america” and the big red blob of bullshit labled “dumbf***istan.” they even changed rudolph’s nose to blue, and santa met up with natalie merchant, moby, al franken, and margaret cho. all i can say is i’m glad santa is stopping up here at least! :)

update 12/20/2004: the skit was done by bent image lab – thanks to melissa for posting that before i could get home! as for the episode name, i couldn’t find one…

update 12/22/2004: bent image lab has posted the skit on their site, just look for SNL. thanks to everyone that has stopped by, and enjoy!