crazy elections in palm beach

November 02, 2004



i heard about this monday morning while on the way to the airport in palm beach, and it’s making its way across the news wires. hard to believe this sort of thing can happen at all, let alone in a state so under-the-microscope as florida is this election. way to go teresa lepore (who “gained notoriety as the creator of the infamous butterfly ballot that confused thousands of voters in the chaotic and controversial 2000 election”) – another brilliant way to get yourself some attention. read the full story here and prepare to be disgusted.

WEST PALM BEACH (ABC News Online) - A sheriff's deputy has tackled, punched and arrested a US journalist for taking pictures of people waiting in line to cast early ballots in West Palm Beach, local media has reported. A sheriff's spokesman said later the deputy was enforcing a new county rule prohibiting reporters from interviewing or photographing voters lined up outside the polls, The Palm Beach Post said. The incident happened on Sunday and the deputy tried to grab the camera of James Henry, a freelance journalist who has written for The New York Times and The Washington Post.