average joe gets interesting

November 18, 2003



while it’s certainly better than joe millionaire 2: euroslut, average joe hasn’t exactly been a “must see” blockbuster… but tonight, all that changed! for those of you not in the loop, average joe takes a hot ex nfl cheerleader and sticks her with 12 average joes. that means they’re dorky geeks who would, if not for the show, have zero chance with the cheerleaders of the world. the whole theory is that since the girl says she wants a guy with a personality, she gets her wish. personality, but no looks. how you doin.

like any other reality dating show, over the course of the episodes guys get dismissed… tonight she knocked it down to 3, and things started to get interesting. just as everyone was getting ready to wrap things up, the show introduced three brand new guys that are, for all intensive purposes, hot. can’t say if they have personalities, but either way it looks like someone is going to have a tough choice to make… why can’t i have a tivo that can record future shows and play them back?!?!?!?