air + water = fun

August 16, 2003



i rode down to the lake today for the 45th annual chicago air and water show… packed as usual, but as always it was worth fighting the crowds! i took chicago ave down (turned out not to be too crowded), crossed under lake shore drive, and then made my way north to oak street beach, snapping a few pics along the way.

the real goal of today was to get some more “people” shots, though, not to check out the planes. that’s my weak area (ok, one of my many weak areas) when it comes to photography, mainly because i always feel weird taking someone’s picture in public. so i wanted to practice. having the 80-200 helped for sure, since i was able to get in on the action from a distance. (it also helped me get a couple nice plane shots, too) of course, i had to carry it, but the payoff is worth the added weight.

hopefully the weather will be as gorgeous tomorrow as it was today!