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  • July 16, 2018

    Memories from our epic Greek adventure, in early May 2018. Elena and I, together with our friends Colleen and Jeff, visited Santorini (Lithies Traditional Homes), Mykonos (Belvedere Hotel), Ikaria (Thea’s Inn), and Athens (NEW Hotel). What an amazing trip!

    Videography: Andrew Stott
    Music: “Icarus” by R3HAB (Ghost Loft Remix)
    Footage shot on DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro HERO5, iPhone X (using DJI Osmo Mobile 2) and Fuji X-Pro2.

  • October 10, 2017

    Took Theo for a little swing in the park… Crazy that he’s already 8 months old!

    Music: “Loose Change” by Chroma
    Footage shot on iPhone 6 in “Slo-mo” mode (720p @ 240 fps)

  • September 07, 2017

    Memories from our weeklong bareboat sailing charter in the BVIs, in early August 2017, weeks before Hurricane Irma hit. We were sailing “Papa Bear” but, thanks to my amazing crew, the name “No Moor Drama” stuck. This footage is particularly, since most of these locations were destroyed by the storm. Be sure to watch this in 4K quality in fullscreen mode.

    Videography: Jeff DeNapoli, Jon Dodson, and Andrew Stott
    Footage shot on DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro HERO5, GoPro HERO5 Session, iPhone 7S Plus (using DJI Osmo Mobile) and Samsung S8 (using DJI Osmo Mobile).
    Music: “Cosmic Love” by Florence + the Machine (Seven Lions Remix)
    Locations visited: Tortola, Road Town, Beef Island, Norman Island, The Bight, The Indians, The Baths, Cooper Island, Manchioneel Bay, Virgin Gorda, Saba Rock, Marina Cay, Scrub Island, JVD, White Bay

  • July 04, 2017

    Just a quick video I put together of Theo’s first trip to NYC.

    I’d call this trip to visit Uncle George in Brooklyn a definite success…

  • November 03, 2016

    Well, someday is finally here, and the long wait is over. The Chicago Cubs have won the 2016 World Series!!! Crazy to say it, but even crazier to get to experience it.

    I’m sure there will be many more tribute videos in the days to come, but here are some of my favorites so far.

    MLB: Cubs Win!

    Chicago Cubs: All The Way

    Nike: Someday

    Mastercard: The Sound of Priceless

    WGN TV: For the Ones We’ve Lost

  • September 20, 2016

    Just a few photos from Kerry & Jimmy’s unforgettable beach wedding in St. Joseph, MI. What an amazing experience, and what a wonderful group of family and friends!

  • August 07, 2016

    A few photos from Sara & Ed’s elegant backyard wedding in Chicago, IL. These two really know how to throw a party!

  • July 28, 2016

    A few photos from Katie & Frantz’s gorgeous wedding in Chicago, IL this past weekend. What an amazing couple, and I simply cannot wait to share more!

  • February 27, 2016

    Various photos from our now pretty-much-yearly trip out to San Diego, CA.

  • November 01, 2014

    Some of the best decisions in life are the spur of the moment ones…

    In September 2014, Jeff and I went to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, a trip that we had planned literally just weeks prior. We’d been talking about going for a long time, but circumstances somehow aligned to make it a reality. The simple truth is that attending Oktoberfest in Munich is a completely insane experience — despite having these photos and videos, I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t all some elaborate dream.

    In any case, Jeff’s story on Exposure does a much better job covering the details of our trip than I ever could, so I’ll just refer you to that. What an amazing journey, to be sure.

    Oktoberfest 2014 Munich from Andrew Stott on Vimeo.
    Music: Speeding (Wiesn Remix) / LIGHTS

    Munich, Germany

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