the circus

March 23, 2003



last night we went to the shriner’s circus @ the UIC pavillion, and what a magical evening it was. from the gap-toothed carnies to the zoo-like aroma, there wasn’t one detail left to the imagination… if you haven’t been to the circus lately, i’d highly recommend it. no really. the acts are fun, sure, but the best part of the evening is just making fun of people. i realize now that i completely took carnies for granted when i went to the circus as a kid. but after having seen that episode of the simpsons i can honestly say i now think about carnies all the time. i wonder if they enjoy their lives… if they feel they’re pushing their respective envelopes night to night… if by travelling from city to city making tigers do weak-ass tricks, they’re making the world a better place for us all… hey, at least it gives us a topic (califlower-handed carnie kids) to talk about on the way home!

despite being small, though, this circus had it all: tigers, acrobatic monkeys, trapeeze acts, motorcycles-in-the-sphere-cage-of-death, jugglers, clowns, light-up wands, sno-cones, elephants… thanks to kelly’s grandpa being a shriner, we had dope seats in the 2nd row, all the better to see the action. and that hook up also got us a lumbering elephant ride before the show. awesome. i brought the camera, so pics are posted.