oscar, what the crap happened to you?

March 24, 2003



no, i’m not going to post my oscar predictions the day after the oscars aired, although that’d be about the only way i could get one right… i’ll be honest, the only contender flick i’ve seen is chicago. adaptation, the hours, the pianist – they’re all on the to-do list as soon as i can get up the will to go. i would like, though, to give some props to joe for his predictions. congrats on nailing the actresses. did anyone else watch the oscars? did anyone else get bored to tears while they watched the oscars? steve martin was funny, apart from the failed phone bit. but it dragged on waaaaaay too long. maybe it was the anti-war rants or maybe it was the half-hour meet n’ greet of all the “still living previous oscar winners, well, ok, those that wanted to show up” that did made it last an enternity. all i know is that i would’ve been happy with a simple reading of the winners. hell, i’m a simple man: just post it on the site and that’s good enough for me.

i suppose even the stars can’t get enough of the spotlight, but there has to be a better way than just spouting off at the microphone. come on michael moore, i expect better of you. sure, you got some attention. but don’t you think the oscar you were holding while you were yelling “shame on you mr. bush” would’ve gotten you some attention? take the fame and respect from oscar and leverage that into a larger audience for your next movie. and if that movie is about why we shouldn’t have a war, then so be it. on the other hand, though, there are at least a couple success stories that come out of the “piss off the world to get attention and then make a killing doing it…” one and two.