Grilled Chicken Omelette

September 22, 2009



Normally I don't like to eat last night's dinner leftovers for lunch — something about eating the same thing so close together... But since dinner was so freakin' tasty, I couldn't help myself today.

Elena and I made a pile of Mexican-inspired goodies: Mussels in Negra Modelo (with garlic, onion, jalapenos, cilantro) and Grilled Shrimp & Chicken Quesadillas. Tasty tasty tasty, thus explaining the extreme lack of photos. I also made some fresh salsa verde, thanks to Rick Bayless' awesome yet simple recipe in Authentic Mexican — if you don't already own this cook book, buy it ASAP.

So naturally, today I had to get creative and figure out how to put the leftover chicken and condiments to good use. Enter the Grilled Chicken Omelette with pico de gallo and salsa verde. Quick and easy, but very photogenic:

Especially when you factor in the salsa verde and some French Press'd Intelligentsia coffee...